Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old World Charm

My works are the representation of several influences and ideas. I use the iron laced windows and balconies images as focal points and relate to architectural, placing them within various surrounds that will allow a shift in perceived ideas about the landscape and the forms. I reworked the ornamentally constructed iron lace in Sydney, Paddington terraces and cut out lace designs into a painterly format. Layered shapes and patterns act as mnemonic devices, triggering memories of places, experiences and alternative realities.
I found these old buildings and streetscapes fascinating, especially its designs, patterns and textures. This urban landscape evokes a sense of patterning. It also provides a visual means of reconciliation where one is able to find fulfillment in the ordinary pathways of everyday life. I looked into the fine depictions of ordinary things – an elegantly iron laced windows and balconies.

My hope is that these designs will evoke something of a vanished era. Cast Iron in all its forms, is affectionately regarded as a lasting symbol of 19th century craftsmanship. It is seen as a reminder of a more graceful past: an age with time to devote to purely decorative details.
I encourage the viewer to reconsider the richness of its visual language.

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